Honorary President – Eddie McKenna eddie
Eddie has been with the band since it started in 1956, having played with Kinneil Band before they took the decision to become a brass band. Eddie was the band President for nearly 50 years, but took the decision to stand down from this position in 2009. He has played a variety of woodwind instruments in the band and has helped provide lessons for our saxophone learners.

President – Jon Molloy
Jon took over as President in 2009, having previously been Vice President and Secretary. Originally starting with the band as a saxophone player, he is now found in the cornet section. He is Bursar for Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools in Edinburgh and spends his spare time chasing after his children Grace and Peter as well as orienteering.
E-Mail Jon or phone 01506 842857

Vice President – Seonaid Scott
Seonaid joined the band in 1995 having followed them one Marches dseonaiday. After one rehearsal, she found herself joining the band at the Bo’ness Fair. Seonaid original instrument was Clarinet, but she now plays French Horn with the band. Seonaid is H&S Adviser for Clackmannanshire Council and is a keen Highland and Scottish Country Dancer, and has also been known to be found on the trains in Bo’ness. Any spare time is spent looking after her daughters Ruth and Hannah.E-Mail Seonaid

Secretary – Karen Crook
Karen plays the clarinet and has been secretary of the band since 2011. She is an IT Project Manager at Wood MacKenzie and spends her spare time hillwalking, cycling and skiing (depending on the season!).E-Mail Karen or phone 01506 829862

Treasurer – David Mutch
David has been involved with Linlithgow Reed Band since his son Christopher joined when he was 8 years old (now in his 30s), helping out where needed as a parent does. He then joined the Committee as a non-playing Committee Member 16 years ago and then became Treasurer 14 years ago. E-Mail David

lexConductor – Lex McDowell MEd, BA, DRSAMD.
Lex studied flute at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and won performing prizes in two consecutive years. He still performs as a freelance orchestral and solo flute player. He has conducted numerous wind ensembles including West Lothian Schools’ Wind Ensemble, and has also worked with the National Youth Wind Ensemble of Scotland. Having taught flute for more than 20 years and woodwind instruments for 12 years, he has produced musicians who have achieved at the highest level. Lex is currently a Chartered Teacher of Music at Linlithgow Academy in West Lothian where he conducts the High School Junior Band and directs the Contemporary Music and Dance performing arts group.

Committee Members –

Colin Allatt
Colin joined the committee in 2014. His daughter Olivia plays clarinet in the Band and encouraged him to fulfil a long-term ambition of learning to play the saxophone. He now plays alto saxophone in both the Training and Main Bands.

Richard Bellrichard
Richard starting coming along to the band to provide transport for his daughter, Emma. However, it wasn’t long before he was encouraged to pick up some spare percussion instruments and join in. Richard is our Wardrobe Master and his dressmaking skills are legendary in repairing uniforms and even dressing a bear in a replica uniform. He works as a supervisor for Falkirk Council.
Emma Bell
Emma joined the band as a young learner and has now worked her way up to main band.  Despite an injury stopping her playing she is a regular attender at both rehearsals and band engagements.  She has her own business making glittery gifts and is studying to be a Beauty Therapist.

Tony Drennan
In 2011 with retirement looming after a career in the Textile and Clothing Industries, Tony decided he wanted to retrain on an instrument he last played at school. He now plays the tuba in both the Training and Main bands. He is also a member of Linlithgow RFC Male Voice Choir and enjoys swimming and hillwalking. He is known for coming up with good ideas for the band.

Donald Roy
Having briefly played the French horn at school, Donald always had an ambition to play the trumpet. That ambition was fulfilled when he joined the band as a learner with his daughters Ellie and Lucy in 2015.  Donald now plays in both the Training and Main Bands and was elected as a committee member in 2018.  As many parents will appreciate, much of his spare time is taken up providing a taxi service to his teenage girls!

Honorary Members

Carsten Frietag is our newest Honorary Member. Carsten lives in Arnsberg and was given honorary membership in recognition of the outstanding contribution he made to the band’s trip to Germany in July 2011 (and since!) Carsten has played in a number of bands in the region, and has even made appearances as drummer at Linlithgow Marches.

Euan Cutler has played in the band for over 50 years. He has been instrumental in getting young players to join the band – he regularly badgered young musicians as he went about his job as Janitor at Linlithgow Academy. His daughters Karen and Laura have also played with the band, although they both now live too far away.

Jim Scotland played Clarinet with the band for many years and taught a number of young members how to play. He was also conductor of our Junior Band for a number of years.

Joe Kilgallon has also had a long association with the Reed Band. He played Bass and was Vice President for a number of years. His wife Dolly was famous for her teas at fundraising events, and his granddaughter Sharon played Clarinet.

Joe Lavery was Band Master for 19 years following a career in army music. His family have also been heavily involved in the band. He is a ‘weel kent face’ in Linlithgow and is still involved in the Rugby Club Choirs and the Rotary, as well as being a member of St Peter’s Church.